What pollutes Gaia

Talking about pollution on the earth, you focus on environmental problems and natural destruction. 

Now global warming has been in the spotlight, each country declares that they should aim for a carbon-free society. 

Environmental protection like this is important, however, that is only a material matter and a problem in this world. 

In terms of the TRUTH, what is polluting the Earth the most is evil ideas people think of. 

We, humans, constantly think things and give off thoughts. 

We have higher and lower level thoughts. 

They are clearly different. 

Among lower ones, especially negative thoughts seem to be a polluted layer covered with the Earth’s surface. 

Anger, sorrow, envy, suspicion, hostility, hate, complaints and dissatisfaction. 

These feelings harm Gaia-Earth’s consciousness. 

Earth has a sense called Gaia, just like humans, Earth has a will to thrive various living things on the earth’s surface, which is a kind of body. 

If Gaia feels she doesn’t want to grow animals and plants any longer, the Earth would be a death planet and uninhabitable. 

Life has flourished on the planet because Gaia has a will that she tries to bread them. 

What humans think over has an influence on Gaia. 

Even each person’s thought is a little, negative ideas billions of people have had for years are harmful to Gaia. 

For example, each negative thought seems to be a water of drop that makes cloud in the sky. 

A drop of water is very tiny, but it gathers and forms big clouds. 

The Earth’s surface is blanketed with clouds made from wicked thoughts. 

And then the area like that turns to be a negative magnetic field. 

There are some regions where people have suffered from human right violation. 

In that place, bad feelings are piled up, that triggers sad incidents. 

Environment issues in material ways are paid attention, however, the truth is that people should be careful of what they think. 

You should check what you feel and think in everyday life. 

If you have negative thoughts, you should reflect on yourselves and mend your ways. 

More and more people feel love, gratitude and happiness and emit a higher vibration, so the darkness on Earth will reduce and the light will increase. 

Our small thoughts come together and that is a big factor to revolutionize the Earth.  

Translated by Yoshi