Spiritual Message: Light Landing on Earth


Human nature is Light landing on Earth. 

Light, itself, is positive goodness and it expels evil spirits. 

Light has a mission to spread goodness and eliminate badness. 

Besides, light reveals things and let people know the Truth. 

In darkness, you can’t distinguish anything. 

Under the light, you can do and judge matters. 

Light is proactive goodness and a person who illuminates the world. 

Light brings warmth into the world. 

Without sunlight, the world would be freezing. 

Light warms the ground, heats the ocean and warms up life. 

That is why Light includes love vibration. 

Light gives you warmth because Love lies at the root of Light. 

We are something as if a small candle landed on this world. 

Even though the light is small, with passion, it shines the surroundings and gradually expands.  

At the beginning, that is a just small light, but it spreads one after another and illuminates a lot of areas. 

Light, itself, shows what our nature is and what we should do. 

Knowing what Light is means knowing ourselves. 

Seeking the nature of Light, it is simply to find our mission. 

Translated by Yoshi