Why are We Born into the World Where Suffering Exists? Spiritual Message

From the time we are born on earth, we experience sorrow, suffering, and separation from our loved ones. 

This is not the case in the world of light where there is no physical body.  

There are no physical ailments, no illnesses, no hardships of having to work for food, no separation from loved ones, no encounters with hated ones. 

Why do we come down from the world of light to dwell in a body and be born into the world where suffering exists? 

We are born forgetting the deep connection we have in the world of light.  

We are born on earth oblivious to everything. 

Like groping in an unlit cave, those whose souls are deeply connected seek each other and experience an encounter. 

They could be family members, lovers, or best friends. Forgetting the deep connection we had with each other in the world of light, we experience encounters that seem like coincidences in this world. 

We meet our loved ones in this world, spend a fleeting moment with them and then experience parting. 

When we return to the world of light once again, we remember that we have been connected to each other since eternity, and that our meeting on earth was not by chance.  

Then, we will know that there was no separation between those we love. 

We will learn that not even physical death can separate those who are deeply connected to each other. 

Why do we lose our those memories, meet as if by chance, and experience the sadness of separation on earth? 

It is also to experience the joy and excitement of seeing each other again in the world of light. 

In the world of light, where loved ones are always together, where there is no sorrow, no suffering, no separation, the emotions fade away. 

Even on earth, when people see each other all the time, they will take each other for granted and will not feel grateful or thrilled to have each other.  

When we meet a friend or our family after a long time, we are filled with joy. 

Sometimes it is only when we lose a loved one through bereavement that we understand our gratitude and deep love for them. 

Thus, in the world of light, we take the absence of sorrow for granted, and our excitement and deep emotions fade away. 

Therefore, we are born on earth with those we love, and we experience each other's encounters and partings.  

Sorrow and suffering are not inevitable in and of themselves, but they are also God's love that allows us to experience true joy.  

Our Heavenly Father has allowed us to experience suffering and sorrow on earth because He loves us.  

We wished to know our true nature through experiencing what is not our true nature. 

Our Father, who loves us so much, has granted us that wish. 

In order that we might realize and experience the joy of being light and the blessing of being eternal, our benevolent Father created the earth as a place to experience things which are not so, such as darkness, sorrow, and separation, giving us the joy of knowing our true nature. 

We are born into this world, forgetting everything in order to have experiences that cannot have in the world of light. 

That is our desire and a sign that our Heavenly Father loves his children. 

However, that doesn't mean that we should let the darkness of this world remain. 

We are also born with the hope that we will remove the darkness of this world. 

Translated by Kyoko.u