Our Civilization Will Go the Way of Atlantis?

 Probably you have heard that there used to be a legendary land called the Continent of Atlantis. 

Plato, a philosopher, described this continent.  

However, it submerged beneath the sea and disappeared more than 10,000 years ago. 

Atlantis had advanced civilization scientifically. 

It was equipped with the technology, flying the sky and diving into the sea. 

This civilization had both inferior and superior points to our present civilization. 

It was superb culture, but it was ruined so suddenly. 

In the last period of Atlantis, people faced a situation which was similar to modern times. 

Science had progressed and people’s life became convenient.  

On the other hand, people lost something important. 

In Atlantis, people didn’t do what they should do spiritually. 

Other civilization that emphasized spirituality flourished at the same time as Atlantis did. 

Atlantis with advanced technology conquered these areas. 

Countries that built highly spiritual culture tended to lag behind in technology and paid little attention to defense, so they couldn’t compete with Atlantis. 

Because of that, a lot of countries and culture were destroyed by Atlantis. 

Atlantis gave too much importance to science, therefore people denied something spiritual. 

And then they weren’t allowed to talk about something spiritual. 

People believing in religion were captured and persecuted. 

That was a materialistic country, just as if it were the current communist nation. 

Even nowadays Chenise Communist Party forces Uyghur to put in internment camps, tortures and makes them a convert. 

CCP also has persecuted Tibetan. 

The same situations occurred in the last years of Atlantis. 

Atlantis invaded and destroyed the civilization that was inferior in terms of technology, though people had better mentality. 

Even in the present day, nations controlled by communists trend toward materialism, besides in Western countries science has developed and more and more people become atheists. 

Without doubt, this is similar to the end of Atlantis. 

Atlantis civilization was ruined to carry the burden of negative karma. 

Modern civilization looks similar to the situation occurred in Atlantis. 

We won’t be able to keep misguided notions, we have no choice but to change. 

If we don’t correct mistakes, we will head down the path of destruction. 

It is high time that Earth was dramatically changing, we must get our life back on track. 

If evil prevails, our civilization will reset again. 

   Translated by Yoshi