Reincarnation of Mu and Atlantis

The other day, I talked about the topic that people who lived in the last days of Atlantis were reborn today. 

Now is the time that our civilization is about to end. 

The Earth’s future greatly depends on the choice people make correctly or not. 

If many people on Earth make wrong decisions, there’s a high possibility that the civilization will come to an end again. 

You probably hear that there used to be continents called Atlantis and Mu. 

Both of them built advanced civilization, however both were submerged into the sea. 

It means each was ruined in no time. 

The flourishing civilization sank to the bottom of the ocean. 

People who lived at the end of these civilizations were reincarnated in modern times. 

Especially, it seems that many people living in Atlantis were born again in the United State of America.    

On the top of that, most people who lived in Mu were reborn in Japan. 

Each had different culture, but people living in the last days of Atlantis and Mu were reincarnated at the present time. 

Atlantis had highly-developed technology, and therefore, people were strongly influenced by materialistic visions. 

So they focused on things and denied something spiritual. 

In addition to that, they attacked and destroyed other developed areas, because they had great military power. 

The United States has fought war against Iraq and Afghanistan. 

This was similar to the situation that happened in Atlantis. 

In Atlantis, science had progressed, but people didn’t admit spirituality. 

I guess it led to the downfall. 

If misguided thoughts spread, it won’t be a suitable place to train souls. 

In the case that people were born with negative karma, sometimes civilization is ruined. 

It can be said that Atlantis came to an end in this way. 

Moreover, many people living in the Continent of Mu were reincarnated in Japan. 

This continent used to prosper, but it sank into the ocean. 

People in the Continent of Mu were gentle and obedient like the modern Japanese. 

In the last days of Mu civilization, the wrong thoughts gained popularity. 

People gave top priority to money, richness was prior to all other things, and they didn’t know right from wrong. 

This is the same as modern-day Japan. 

Japan keeps strong economic connections to China that has violated human rights in Uyghur, Tibet and Hong Kong without punishing evil actions. 

At the last stage of Mu, people avoided conflict and got money zealously. 

Because of that, other countries invaded Mu and then the central government was controlled by evil nations.   

Mu civilization deteriorated and faded away after a while. 

The present Japan has the same situation that occurred in the late period of Mu. 

For that reason, unless we recognize we are standing at a big turning point, the tragedy will be repeated. 

While everyone was reincarnated again and again with same missions, we are tested whether we select correct answers or make the same mistakes. 

Under different civilization, the similar situations are created and we are being tested what we select. 

I really hoped you could make the right decision this time. 

Translated by Yoshi