We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect


We Follow Gods as We Are Imperfect 

We are not perfect and can’t do everything. 

We often make mistakes and not all things are possible to human beings.  

It is hard to live without harming others. 

All of us are imperfect being, therefore we strive for something perfect and ideal. 

If we did anything perfectly, we wouldn’t pursue ideals. 

We respect for gods and stand in awe, because we understand our own inadequacies. 

If human beings were made as a perfect existence, they might forget to thank gods. 

We realize our imperfections, reflect on our conduct, and so we follow deities that are omnipotent. 

Sometimes, we look back to ourselves, we think why we are so useless. 

There are times when we may feel terrible about ourselves and want to die. 

However, we were made as incomplete being, while gods settled for that. 

We find our own imperfections, so we come to recognize gods. 

Hence, we should correct mistakes, hold up ideals and move forward. 

I feel that is important. 

                                                                                             Translated by Yoshi