Big Events Hit Earth

The new coronavirus infection spread and it became a pandemic. 

Besides the spread of COVID-19, disasters will occur from now on. 

We just enter the era when many lives are lost. 

This pandemic triggered a global depression. 

A lot of cities went into lockdown one after another and the economy got worse. 

You may think that more and more people received the shot of the COVID-19 vaccine and things will return to normal, but it’s not going to be easy. 

We will head into an economic downturn. 

It may become a worldwide financial crisis - a serious business slump. 

A lot of companies will go bankrupt and financial institutions will be closed. 

So far governments commit a lot of money to the market, so it seems that the economy is not bad. 

However, it’s only a matter of time, we’ll have to pay for it sooner or later. 

We will enter the world like this. 

We must realize that the existing financial system will collapse. 

That means the old Earth in the past will be destroyed. 

All of you will experience significant events on Earth. 

Many people will be afraid of change and be upset. 

Desperately they try to dwell on the past, but it will be in vain. 

We can’t go against the big stream and the old systems have been swept away. 

Some may call this event “ascension”. 

If you think positively, Gaia’s ascension has just started. 

You should consider how to grasp this meaning by yourselves. 

This is just Earth changes occur. 

Unfortunately, many lives will be lost in the world. 

As well as the problems of the coronavirus, we will face an economic crisis, conflicts,  military clashes, food problems and so on. 

We have lived in the distorted system on Earth, so there’s something wrong with the system. 

We will not be able to keep this system as it is now. 

The universe wants us to change. 

Many are invited, but less are selected. 

These changes don’t happen coincidentally, but have been controlled by the cosmos will. 

The universe wants to let human being control the planet Earth as they please.  

As a result, it produced a lot of distortion and it is impossible to fix things. 

If you don’t realize this fact, you will miss the flight which is bound for the reborn Earth. 

We will encounter events on Mother Earth we have never experienced before. 

Please open your eyes. 

   Translated by Yoshi