Gifts from the universe and the ways of accepting them


There is a flow in the universe. 

When you get into flow and move with the current, the universe will support you in miraculous ways and take you unexpected places. 

If you rely solely on your own strength and paddle very hard against the fast-moving river current, you cannot move forward. It won't get you anywhere. 

In order to allow you to accept gifts from the universe, all you need to do is go with the stream.  

Instead of pursuing what you want and trying to force things, go in the direction that the universe wants from you. 

If you just depend on yourself and your efforts, you may never get real power. 

 Don't fight the current of the universe. 

You need to recognize where is the universe trying to guide you. 

Let go of your selfish desires that prevents you from advancing.  

Don’t compare your life to others or complain about things. 

Just keep an eye on the path you should take. 

Approve of yourself. Bless yourself. Your life belongs to you and nobody else. There is only one life you can call your own. 

Every single event and experience that occurs when you live your own life, this is the very gift from the universe. 

Translated by UCO