Your Destiny Depends on Books and Videos You Touch

There is a lot of fortune-telling that is based on your birthday, blood type or the letters of your name. 

They say it will determine your future. 

However, you are strongly influenced by books you read, websites you browse and videos you watch. 

Your future will build on what you watch and read, which is acquired after birth. 

In the case that you usually read the books written by your favorite writer or the blogs you always check, they really inspire you. 

If authors tell the truth, it will have a positive effect. 

If they tell something negative that is contrary to the truth, it will have a bad influence on you. 

Even though books and videos are very popular, unfortunately many of them are not good. 

Rather, low level works often become trendy. 

For instance, some popular writers have a lot of debt and spend their days of wine and love.  

In the end, they kill themselves. 

Sometimes literary works written by those kinds of people catch on. 

If you read them thoroughly, you can be susceptible to them. 

So gradually, the readers’ future will turn in the same direction. 

Not only novels but philosophical or religious books have a serious impact on you. 

The Japanese cult, Aum Shinrikyo, was responsible for the Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995.  

Probably, the leader of this religious cult had fierce desire for destruction. 

This person was born with weak sight and had a tough time from a young age. 

That seems to be the reason why he held a grudge against the society. 

If you read books such a person wrote meticulously, you will have destructive life. 

You may destroy your life as well as targets. 

In terms of atheism, which is the opposite belief, if you read Leftist Ideology like Marxism carefully, you are influenced by the thought that resorts to violence and destruction. 

As a result, most of them will ruin their life. 

Like this, if you learn destructive ideology, you will go into the subversive direction down the road. 

If you want to open the way to a bright future, you should touch books and videos given by people living in ideal life. 

  Translated by Yoshi