Your Thoughts Create Your Life


What kind of thoughts you have determine your life.  

The way you think and feel creates your reality. 

Thus, we can change our lives by changing our thoughts. 

The world that surrounds you is like a screen that projects your thoughts. 

Your inner thoughts are projected onto the screen. 

If you have something ugly inside, it will be reflected in the outside world as well. 

If you have something pure in your heart, it will also be reflected in the outside world. 

However, this material world does not respond to your thoughts right away, and there is a certain delay and limitation. 

The material world we live in is such a limited world. 

The world does not change immediately when you think of something, but it slowly changes over time. 

It might seem like a slow process, but it is definitely changing. 

As a silkworm gradually makes a cocoon with its silk, our thoughts also gradually shape the external world. 

Translated by Kyoko U.