Star Wars and Spiritual Truth

 The movie, ‘Star Wars’, has been so popular all over the world and many people are enthusiastic about it. 


The Star Wars franchise, created by director George Lucas, is a story of the battle between the good and the evil in the universe. 

It is depicted that Jedi knights who control the Forth fight against the followers in the dark side. 

The Forth is fictitious energy that surrounds us and is the source of the Jedi Oder activities.  

In space, wars portrayed in Star Wars do exist. 

Wars have been waged in several star systems, and sadly, some of the planets became uninhabitable because of wars. 

There are also violent species that repeatedly invade other planets where the residents don’t have plenty of arms. Therefore, weaker species suffer damage the most. 

For example, life forms evolving from plants, such as lily-like creatures, and fairy-like aliens, lived on beautiful and harmonious planets.  However, they could not resist the invaders as they lacked combat power. 

They were good and pure in heart, but they were vulnerable to outside invaders and were attacked and exiled from their planets. 

Sensing the attack, groups of friendly good aliens went to help, yet they barely managed to rescue some of the survivors! 

Precisely, it seems that the same thing in the latest Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi”, happened. The characters were being chased by the enemy and trying to survive while their buddies disappeared. 

Some of those saved by the rescue team flew to this Earth and were reborn as human beings! 

Some people who see Star Wars as an interesting science fiction story may have had a similar experience long ago and they came to Earth. 

Harmonious planets can be easily invaded by belligerent species for lack of defense power. 

Even on our planet, the Earth, Tibet and other places where people believe in Buddhism and have innocent souls were easily controlled by the malicious neighboring country because they didn’t see the intentions of China  

In this way, on Earth, we can find some countries that have been invaded and destroyed, and conflicts in space have repeated between those who invade and try to protect the harmonious planets. 

George Lucas must have been inspired by the messages from the universe! 

Translated by Yoshi