The Spiritual Meaning of Raising Children


In this blog post, I will write about the spiritual meaning of raising children. 

Humans take a long time to become adults compared to other animals. For example, in Japan, many people go to a four-year university and graduate at the age of 22. Then they start working and become members of society. 

After a long period of about 20 years, we finally become adults. 

Unlike humans, some mammals are able to stand and walk on their own as soon as they are born. 

Mammals have a period of parental care, but they usually wean off within a year.  

Compared to other mammals, humans need to be raised by parents and others for a very long period of time to grow up. 

This means that humans grow up receiving a lot of love for such a long period of time. 

Affection is invisible to the eye, but it is real as a form of energy. It takes an enormous amount of love energy for us to grow up from babies to adults. 

This means that we, as adults, have received such a huge amount of love energy. 

Raising children means passing on the love energy that we have received until now to our children. 

I have said before that when people return to the other world after death, they are judged by the amount of love that they have given to others.  

The amount of love that has been given to them in their lives and the amount of love that they have shown to others are measured. 

This will determine who has lived a positive life and who has lived a negative life in terms of the amount of love energy. 

In the other world, the realm where you will live will differ depending on how much love you have given to people or how much love you have taken during your life. 

Souls that have given more love to people return to a world full of light.  

However, souls that have only taken love away from people in their lives fall into a dark world after death. 

For ordinary people, if they grow up and remain single, they tend to end up receiving more love and giving less love.  

To solve this, if you have children and raise them well, the amount of love you receive and give will become equal, and you will return to a proper world after death. 

If you give less love, you will have to pay some compensation in the other world. 

In this way, when we look at child-rearing from a spiritual perspective, it seems like work that forms a cycle of love.  

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being single, but in that case, it would be nice to give back love to the world in some way. 

Translated by Kyoko.U