How to Change Your Destiny for the Better and the Roles of Guardian Spirits and Guiding Spirits

You may have heard the story that each of us has a guardian spirit. 

 Guardian spirits are beings that are like our soul siblings, and they share the same soul root as us. 

When we live on earth, sometimes we can receive their guidance and sometimes we cannot. 

People who are selfish and driven by worldly desires, or whose minds are clouded by negative thoughts, cannot receive guidance from their guardian spirits.  

When that happens, it is like exploring a dark cave without a light, hitting our heads on the ceiling, getting our feet caught in holes in the ground, and so on, and we become more and more unlucky. 

However, by making an effort to change our hearts and become pure in mind, we can clear the clouds and receive their guidance.  

Then, with the help of our guardian spirits, we can avoid crises and receive protection more often. 

Guardian spirits are, so to speak, beings that are like looking at our lives from a high place. 

When a guardian spirit looks down on a human from a high place, it can see things that the human cannot, such as getting stuck in a traffic jam or going to a place that is closed for construction if they keep walking.  

Therefore, the guardian spirit can predict things that the human does not know, and give appropriate instructions such as “you should go this way” or “you should avoid that place.” 

In addition to guardian spirits, there are also guiding spirits, other spiritual beings that guide us. 

Guiding spirits do not necessarily accompany each and every one of us, but they come to those who make an effort to pave their way. 

For example, for those who are active as athletes, guiding spirits accompany them based on their effort, and they support their performance behind the scenes. 

Some entrepreneurs also have guiding spirits who support them behind the scenes, helping them establish their businesses and keep them on a successful trajectory. 

Some people who work also have guiding spirits who support them based on their work content. 

Guiding spirits have their own areas of expertise, and they help people whose work contents matches their abilities. 

Guardian spirits do not necessarily have professional skills, so guiding spirits support humans in areas such as work instead. 

The people who receive the support of guiding spirits are those who are making efforts and improving themselves. 

This means that when you work on correcting your own mind, you will also get the help of the spiritual force that works with you. 

In other words, you need to make the right effort to improve your future first, and then you will receive spiritual support based on that effort. 

If you do nothing and just go with the flow, you will miss the opportunity to improve your future. 

The course of your future takes a turn for the worse when your mind is polluted by impurities that attract evil spirits and other things, and they affect you. 

You need to pay attention to the fact that there are both good spirits, such as guardian spirits, and evil spirits that cause misfortune to people. 

You attract beings that match your own mental tendencies. 

If your mind is filled with negative thoughts such as complaints, dissatisfaction, anger, hatred, sadness, and greed, you will be influenced by evil spirits and your future will turn in a bad direction. 

Thus, your future is driven by external influences, but what lies at the root of it is the way of your mind, and your fate can be changed depending on your effort.  

It means that if you try hard to improve your mind for the better, your future will change as well. 

Your own effort can change your future. 

Translated by Kyoko.u