The Price for the Law of Attraction and the Movie “Mirror Mirror”

 Recently, the Law of Attraction and other easy ways to make wishes come true seem to be popular. 

In addition to the Law of Attraction, the power spot boom is also largely due to people’s desire for easy wish fulfillment. 

However, I believe such methods of wish fulfillment, such as the Law of Attraction, may increase people’s greed and lead them in the wrong direction. 

There are also hidden dangers in the Law of Attraction that even its practitioners are unaware of. 

I recently saw a movie, “Mirror Mirror,” based on the Grimm’s fairy tale “Snow White.” 

In the story, Snow White’s mean stepmother, the Queen, tries to kill her. 

The Queen enters the magic mirror and interacts with what appears to be a reflection of herself. 

Eventually, the Queen asks the reflection in the mirror to do something about the problem by using magic. 

But the reflection in the mirror advises her that magic comes at a price. 

In other words, if you use magic to make your wishes come true easily, you will soon or later face karmic payback. 

Actually, the same applies to the Law of Attraction. 

What is known as the Law of Attraction is like magic in the old days. 

Your thoughts can indeed attract what you wish for, but if you use this law in the wrong way, you will pay a big price. 

Even if your wish comes true, you will have to pay a huge price afterwards. 

For example, if you want to buy something you want but don’t have enough money, you can't usually buy it right away. 

But today, there is a magic card that allows you to buy whatever you want right now and pay for it a little later. 

In other words, the Law of Attraction is like having no cash but buying more and more of what you want with your credit card. 

Then interest will be charged and the amount you pay will gradually increase and you will eventually have a hard time paying it off. 

The Law of Attraction is the same as credit cards, and you have to pay a high price afterwards. 

You have probably heard of people who overspent on their credit cards, couldn’t pay their bills, and eventually went bankrupt. 

The Law of Attraction is talked about only in terms of its benefits, but it can also cause people to become greedy and ultimately lead to unhappiness. 

It is possible that those who preach the Law of Attraction are spreading it without understanding this point. 

We must know that the law of compensation works and that we will eventually have to pay the price. 

We should not easily rely on supernatural forces or look for unconsidered ways in order to fulfill our desires for anything. 

Translated by Kyoko.u