Why were We Born on Earth?


As you know, we were all born on Earth as human beings. 

Human nature is a free being called soul. What is the reason why we dared to be born on Earth? 

It is to train our souls to become better beings, and to aim for infinite improvement. 

In a way, Earth is like a school for a soul. 

When you go to school, you have to take classes in a variety of subjects, including physical education. 

Even if you do not want to study subjects you dislike, you are not allowed to study only the subjects you like. 

You have to do a variety of subjects. 

The subjects include relationships, money studies, work, love and parent-child relationships in a school called Earth. 

We must learn about such various subjects when we are on Earth. 

Some of these subjects you may not be good at, and some you may be good at. 

However, even if you avoid things you are not good at, you will eventually have to face and learn them. 

A soul is trained through a variety of learning experiences, and these include inevitable sufferings. 

The suffering of aging, sickness, death, separation from those you love, meeting those you hate, seeking but not getting, greed, and many other sufferings arise as a result of being born on Earth. 

These are inevitable challenges that every human being born on Earth must face. 

However, our souls are trained because of the painful experiences we go through. 

Working out in a training gym is hard, but it also make us stronger. 

We willingly pay money to go to a gym where we work out hard. In the same way, we dared to be born on Earth knowing that we will have painful experiences. 

It is to train ourselves to be our ideal selves. 

Translated by Kyoko.u