What will happen this year?

The Covid situation has settled down and we feel things are getting back to normal. 

So many people hope that this year will be good. 

However, I guess the pandemic will continue for some time to come. 

Even though the situation may be better temporarily, new variants of COVID-19 will appear after a while. 

The current strain has become much weaker, but the stronger one may be detected. 

Even if not, I feel viruses that evade immunity may spread, and infected or vaccinated people will be prone to infection. 

Some of them will become severe in the case they are infected again.  

It seems as if the pandemic is over, but I think that humans will continue to be plagued with Coronavirus. 

The Ukraine and Russia conflict is still ongoing and will be continuing this year. 

It means we are facing a growing threat from nuclear weapons. 

In the past, humankind has not used nukes since the U.S.A. dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World WarⅡ. 

We are in peril of the use of nuclear arms. 

I feel that will be used locally, however, we are on the verge of a human crisis. 

Besides these matters, I’m concerned about the conflict between North Korea, Japan, and South Korea. 

Also, China might invade Taiwan and Okinawa, the southern islands of Japan. 

Even if this happens in 2023, it will do sooner or later. 

In addition, Japan also will be hit by an economic panic.  

Many people think they had a hard time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, from now on things will get better, but the reality is that it is going to get worse. 

As I warned you, be prepared for a financial crisis. 

We are going to face a more difficult situation. 

Under such circumstances, I hope you will not lose sight of the LIGHT and overcome the dark times. 

  Translated by Yoshi