The Strength to Overcome Times of Adversity

There are often times in life when we face challenges to endure. 

Not only do we have good times, but we also encounter unexpected events and experience times of adversity. 

We all go through such periods of perseverance. 

 Few of us have lived smoothly all our lives without any struggles. 

Even if such people exist, they may stumble and fail to recover from a minor mistake after entering the workforce. 

 Most people experience times when they have to go through tough challenges. 

 I believe that what is important at that time is to believe and trust in God and Buddha. 

There is a great being who has given us life and nurtured us. 

I describe such a being as God and Buddha. 

Each of us can have our own faith. The important thing is that such a great being exists. 

Trusting in such a great being gives us the strength to overcome adversity. 

If we believe that God and Buddha is watching over us at all times, it will give us the strength to overcome the difficult times. 

It is also important to believe in ourselves as children of great God and Buddha. 

We have our origins in a great being, and that is why we can believe in ourselves. 

Trust that you have the strength to overcome challenges and create your future. 

I believe that one gains the strength to accomplish great things by trusting oneself in this way. 


Translated by Kyoko.u