Why Dreams and Hopes Don't Come True Easily: Spiritual Message

One of the reasons people are born on Earth, which is full of hardships, is to have many inspiring experiences. 


An inspiring experience is one that is soul-stirring. 


People often suffer, worry about something, and are unhappy because they cannot easily obtain what they seek. 


But if everything always comes true exactly as you wish, you will not have a soul-stirring experience. 


For example, if there is something you want and someone willingly gives it to you, you may be happy at the time, but if it continues for a long time, you will be less and less delighted. 


If you spend all your time in an environment where you are given anything you want, such as in a rich family, the joy you feel will fade away. 


On the other hand, if you eventually get what you want after working hard and saving a portion of your own money, you will be very happy. 


If you land your dream job after great effort, you will feel a huge amount of joy. 


However, if you get your dream job without much effort as easily as picking up something that has fallen, you will probably feel less joy. 


Thus, in a world where what we think comes true so easily, our joy will gradually fade away, and our souls will no longer be thrilled. 


On the other hand, in the world of light in the afterlife, what you picture in your mind will be realized as it is. 


It is the world where if you want something to eat, it will appear in front of you. 


Nevertheless, we are born on Earth from such a world where anything can come true. It is only because our souls want to gain soul-stirring experiences. 


Therefore, we should not be sad that our hopes have not yet been fulfilled, or that our efforts have not been rewarded. 


Dreams and hopes serve as guides in our life, and help us to move forward. 


In the journey of life, it is not only important to reach the destination, but it is also important how much we learn and how many we have inspiring experiences along the way. 


Its not easy to get what we want, which is why we can learn life lessons and experience inspiration. Thats what we are born for. 





The above article is the message received through channeling, and I would like to add and comment to it. 


First, I will explain the difference between this world and the next. 


The other world is a spiritual world, and after death we return to it, which is also the home of our souls. 


It is as if we have come to this world for a temporary homestay from the other world, the home of our souls. 


All people eventually return to the other world. 


In the other world, neither matter nor body exists, and our thoughts become reality. 


For example, when you pick a beautiful flower and want a vase to display it, if you imagine a vase in detail, it will appear. 


The other world itself has been created by the thoughts of beings in higher dimensions. 


In the other world, since there is no body, there is no need to engage in labor to maintain the body, so each person lives doing whatever his or her soul likes. 


In this world, if you want to see someone but he is far away, you cannot see him right away. But in the next world, if you want to see someone, you can see him immediately regardless of the distance. 


If you wish for something, you can have it right away. 


If you wish to go somewhere, you can travel around the world as if you were flying in the sky. 


As I described, the other world is a place where wishes come true immediately. 


But in this material world, thoughts do not immediately become reality. 


It seems that our souls are trapped in the low vibrational world of matter, and it is difficult for our souls to create something freely. 


Thus, in this world, things are not as we wish them to be, but we were born on earth knowing this. 


It is the same as training the body in sports; it is the more demanding exercises that train the body. 


The other world is like weightless space for astronaut. Because there is no gravity in space, astronauts lose muscle mass and become so weak that they cannot stand on their own feet when they return to earth. 


In the same way, living in the other world is easy, but a soul is weakened by the lack of training. 


In this world, on the other hand, thoughts do not become reality immediately, and great efforts are required to make wishes come true. It is a harsh world, but that is why a soul is trained.  


When you obtain what you want after hard work, you will find greater joy. 


Therefore, we ventured out of the other world where we took for granted that we could get whatever we wanted, and we came down to this world where there were many hardships. 


This is also a mercy given to us so that we do not lose joy and inspiration. 



Translated by Kyoko.u