To Become a Lightworker

 We need those who become a beacon of light when the world is getting darker. 

 The sun goes down and it gets dark outside, people may fall and get hurt, or something bad may prowl around, so people might be involved in crimes. 

In such a situation, shining light enables people to live their own lives without taking a wrong step. 

What should we do to become a lightworker? 

First of all, we need to serve others with love. 

If the light is shining for its limelight, it scorches people around it. 

You often see shining people. 

Most of them radiate show-off light and burn the people around them. 

Unless you have the desire to light up for others, you will not be a true lightworker. 

In addition, it is important to know the TRUTH and to be spiritually awakened. 

We try to guide others with love, but we may lead them in the wrong direction in the case that you don’t know the truth, and they will be unhappy. 

You have to be humble without being conceited and constantly strive to change yourself. 

If you think you know the truth or are on the light side, evil creeps into your mind and you will be pulled into the dark side. 

Most people don’t realize that!!! 

Therefore, we must always reflect on ourselves humbly. 

Finally, we must have a mission to make the world brighter and make more people happy. 

By your existence, you should brighten up your surroundings. 

The only thing you should do is have such a task that you illuminate the world. 

Those who have such a purpose can become the ones who light up the Earth – Lightworkers. 

Translated by Yoshi