Samurai Blue and Yatagarasu – Mythical Crow


Now everybody is talking about the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

The Samurai Blue has advanced to the knockout stage. 

The Japan Football Association has used the “yatagarasu”, which is a sacred crow, as its symbol logo. 

Yatagarasu appears in Japanese mythology and is said to guide the first Emperor of Japan, Jimmu, during his expedition to the east. 

That is also thought to be an incarnation of the sun and is generally depicted as a crow with three legs. 

Apparently, it is a kind of mythical creature that exists as Holy Spirit in a sanctuary. 

They say Yatagarasu conducted Emperor Jimmu to the place he established his throne and started Japan’s monarchy.    

In my opinion, Yatagarasu plays a role to let Samurai Blue know better positions during soccer games.  

On top of that, it also seems to have the spiritual energy to provide a tailwind and support the players. 

I feel the Japanese national soccer team must be receiving such spiritual assistance. 

I hope Samurai Blue will achieve outstanding results. 

                                                                                        Translated by Yoshi