Characteristic of False Psychics, Religious People, and Spiritual Advisers


As we become more sensitive to spiritual things, we are more likely to receive inspirations or messages, and therefore, we are more at risk than normal people. 

In this article, I will describe the characteristics of people who receive false spiritual messages. 

1,They are self-conceit 

First, they become conceited and often brag about something.  

For example, they may become conceited and mistakenly believe that they have a special mission, that they were a great person in a previous life, or that they are a messenger from the universe, believing that they are great by nature. 

They become uncomfortable unless they are thought of as great people by those around them. 

They may be conceited and proud that they are receiving messages from archangels or God. However, even if the messages are actually from a negative entity, they are too proud to realize it. 

2,They are unable to reflect 

As they become conceited, they are unable to reflect.  

They no longer believe that they are wrong, but that those around them who do not understand them are wrong, and they begin to blame those around them. 

It means that they lose the candor. 

In order to avoid this, even if an event happens that you are not happy about, you should think about what it can teach you and what you can learn from it, and use it as an opportunity to continually improve yourself. 

3,They blame others and society 

When they have a deep darkness in themselves, they do not want to admit it, so they start projecting it onto others. 

Therefore, those who are strongly influenced by negative entities will speak ill of others and think of them as bad people. 

Actually, however, they have a deep darkness in themselves, but they don’t want to admit and face it, so they project it onto others and criticize them desperately. 

Of course, they may point out wrong things. But we should figure out if they are being too critical or biased. 

I have tried to write down what came to mind, and I think these are the general characteristics of a false psychic. 

The Mean Tricks of Negative Entities and the Characteristics of Spiritual Advisers on the Dark Side 

I have given this article a rather scary title, but I think that many people are drawn to such titles. 

This is because we have a physical self and a survival instinct to avoid danger and stay safe. 

It is important to know what kind of intention the matters you are attracted to actually have - whether they are people you interact with or blogs you read. 

People with negative thoughts and feelings also may attract each other and build negative relationships. For example, if you have a desire for someone to make money or to make easy money, you may attract scammers who are willing to cheat people. 

If you seek the cause of your unhappiness in your surroundings other than yourself, suspecting that you are possessed by a wandering ghost or a certain direction or item decreases your luck, you may attract unscrupulous psychics who say they will exorcise such spirits or sell good luck items. 

Think about what kind of information you are drawn to on the Internet or in blogs. Is the information you are drawn to negative, such as fear-mongering, or is it something that makes you feel lighthearted or deeply in love? 

If you are attracted to negative information that causes fear or desire, you are likely to go in a wrong direction. 

On the other hand, if you are attracted to information that gives off vibrations of love and bright light, you are moving in a right direction. 

I think “fear” and “desire” are common ways for negative entities to try to draw people in. 

Some people write only to cause fear in people. There are also those who write only about inciting people’s greed, neglecting spirituality and emphasizing materialistic gains such as ways to increase one’s luck or good luck charms. 

I think such a blog is not good. 

I also often see blogs that only criticize others. 

As I have written before, such people are often projecting their own darkness. 

As the influence of negative spirits grows, they begin to project their dark aspects onto others. 

A historical example of projection is the witch hunts in medieval Europe. It was not so much that there were actually those who connected with such demons (witches), but rather that those who were judging others as witches had the darkness in themselves. 

So when you read a blog, for example, check to see if there is too much criticism of others in it. This will also help you know if it is negative or not. 

Of course, there are legitimate criticisms, but if you get critical too much, you should reflect on yourself and check if you are actually projecting the darkness that you have in yourself. 

Problems Common to Spiritual Sales and Fortune Telling 

In Japan, a person who is practicing evil psychic sales, for example, often says, “You are possessed by your ancestors who remain in this world, which is the cause of your unhappiness,” or “you can be happy by making offerings or performing exorcisms.” 

They also often claim to their clients that the spirits of Mizuko (stillborn or aborted fetuses) and evil spirits are the cause of their misfortunes. 

What such psychic sales and fortune telling have in common is to blame the cause of one's misfortune or bad luck on someone or something other than oneself. 

For example, in fortune-telling, they often claim that one’s luck depends on the date, direction, or some kind of good luck items. 

With this way of thinking, they blame the environment and others for their unhappiness and are unable to reflect on themselves. 

This is because they come to think of themselves as victims of the misfortunes caused by others and their surroundings. 

Some people who commit crimes blame others or the environment for their actions, such as the company, the other party, or society, and are unable to reflect on their crimes. 

From the right spiritual or religious perspective, on the other hand, they state that the way one’s mind works will change one’s surroundings and circumstances. 

If one’s state of mind changes, one’s surroundings will also change. 

Therefore, they say that the way one’s own mind works, is important, and that self-responsibility is fundamental thing. 

Of course, I do not believe that there are no external factors at all. 

In fact, some people are actually possessed by ancestors who remain in this world. 

However, the reason why they are affected by such beings is because they have something of the same quality as them in their own thoughts. 

The thought of blaming others for one’s misfortune, such as “My misfortune is caused by the bad influence of my ancestors who remain in this world,” may coincide with the ancestral spirits’ thought that “I am suffering because my descendants have not had a proper memorial service to me,” and thus strengthen the bad influence. 

People usually tend to blame something other than themselves when things go wrong, so they should try to reflect on their own thoughts and deeds and reflect on themselves. 

I think the difference between bad psychic business or fortune telling and what I am describing in this blog is that I am writing in the hope of that it will help you to improve yourself, rather than to rely on others and anything else. 

What Spiritual Advisers and Religious Leaders Need to Be Aware of : Ideas based on Jungian Psychology 

I will try to talk about the problems that spiritual or religious people tend to fall into and what they need to be aware of, based on Jungian psychology. 

I have mentioned several times about psychological projection, which is a psychological mechanism described by Jung. He called the aspects of a person that they do not want to accept “shadows,” and said that they project them onto others. 

Jung also describes the state in which the ego is engulfed by the self as “ego-inflation,” which should be regarded with caution. 

Jung defines the terms “ego” and “self” differently from their common meanings, so let me explain about them. 

The ego, according to Jung, is the part of the self that oversees the consciousness and does not extend to the unconsciousness. 

On the other hand, the self means the psyche as a whole, which is completed through the unification of consciousness and unconsciousness. 

In my interpretation, the self represents the true self, which includes the divinity and Buddha nature of human beings. 

So ego-inflation is a state of becoming disengaged from the secular world, immersed in what is considered sacred or sublime, and thinking of oneself as an exalted person. 

For example, in some antisocial cults, followers who have separated themselves from the secular world may have thought of themselves as noble and looked down on those around them as tainted by the secular world through performing practices like ascetic training. 

I believe such a state is ego-inflation. 

It is dangerous to feel like you are a great person just because you meditate, experience altered sate of consciousness, or do something like ascetic training. I think it is a pitfall that we need to watch out. 

This is a pitfall that even spiritual or religious people can easily fall into and must be careful. 

To know whether or not you are falling into ego-inflation, you need to know whether or not you are looking down on those around you and whether or not you are feeling superior to them. 

I believe that when we are truly making progress in our spirituality, we become more humble and willing to love those around us and recognize the good in them. 

Advice for Those who have too much Rspect for Psychics and Want to Gain Psychic Abilities  

I was asked the following question some time ago, so I will try to answer to it. 

“A friend of mine is overly reverent of people with spiritual abilities and seems to want to acquire such powers himself as well. From my point of view, it seems dangerous. I don’t want him to get too involved, but what should I tell him?” 

One thing to watch out for when you are spiritually awakening is deception by lower spirits. They may use the names of God or angels when they speak to you. 

So you need to be humble for self-protection. 

In addition to humility, you must have knowledge and good sense in order to make a rational judgement about spiritual contents. 

I sometimes read other spiritual blogs, and I found some blogs that have divine messages from some god or angels. Unfortunately, however, there seem to be very few messages from actual higher spirits. 

I think the reality is that few psychics in the world are connected to higher spirits. 

Of course, there are some, but they are probably in the minority. 

If you are enthralled by the wrong psychic, you will be affected very badly. 

As you become spiritually connected to such psychics and your connection with them grows stronger, you will also become connected to negative spirits, and they will begin to destroy your life. 

It might be a good idea to tell those who are fascinated by psychics about such fears. 

In addition, as one becomes more psychic through psychic development and the like, one becomes more susceptible to the influence of spirits and is more likely to be targeted by evil spirits. 

If a person is not able to discern whether the spirit influencing him or her is a higher or lower level spirit, and is not capable of avoiding deception and attacks from evil spirits, he or she will go in a wrong direction. 

The fact that most of the psychics in the world are connected to lower spirits, etc., means that psychics are so easily targeted by them. 

For those who are not so psychic, psychic abilities seems to be attractive, but they are protected in some ways by their lack of psychic abilities. 

Thus, there are many dangerous aspects to trying to develop psychic abilities. 

Many years ago, I saw a video on TV of the followers of a Japanese cult jumping up and down in a sitting position, calling it training. 

They were probably trying to develop their psychic abilities, but there was the possession of animal spirits behind such a bizarre training of jumping around. 

People possessed by such animal spirits, especially by four-legged animal spirits such as foxes, will make a jumping and leaping motion. 

If they are happy to believe that such phenomena are their psychic power, they will become deeply possessed by lower spirits. 

As an aside, a person possessed by a snake-type spirit will move swaying his or her body from side to side like a snake. 

In this way, when a person is severely possessed by animal spirits, he or she may develop psychic abilities. 

However, I believe it is important to inform those who aspire to become psychics that such psychic abilities can be very dangerous. 

Translated by Kyoko.u