How to Connect with Love

Sometimes you stray in a labyrinth of loneliness and lose sight of love. 


By disconnected from love (actually you are never disconnected), you can become aggressive and hopeless while being insecure and fearful. 

Like a baby who is separated from its mother, you will become vulnerable, crying out in the darkness. 

Children scream out desperately because of the fear they feel like cutting off the connection with love. 

When children separate from the source of love, parents, terror is instilled in their mind. 

After that, when you grow up, you become frightened of the separation from love. 

Then you are terrified by loneliness and seek bonds. 

So how do you connect with Love? 

To do so, we must recall Love. 

You should imagine memories of being loved, of times when you have loved each other, of times of being with Love. 

Even if you are kept apart by time, Love goes beyond the fields and links us together again. 

Love is pervasive energy that transcends time and space. 

    Translated by Yoshi