To ET Souls - Why Alien Souls Are Reincarnated into Earth

Souls gathering from various planets see the world 

over the shining blue Earth 

They find the people on Earth are still in the darkness  

as they experience sadness and pain 

With weeping,  

ET souls hope they can get rid of people’s misery 

To know their suffering, 

Hope ET souls can endure people’s agony in place of them 

To moisten the land,  

the tears from heaven fall to the earth’s surface 

They forget everything  

and descend to the place filled with anguish 

They have wishes to shoulder grief and sorrow instead of people  

So they may choose a life full of ups and downs 

To know torment of the people on Earth  

and stand people’s suffering 

Some may condemn you 

Others may not accept  

those who have come down to Earth for Love 

They call you a psycho  

They look down on you 

Even though, you should not get angry 

Not blame for them. 

Like a donkey being whipped, 

you go up a steep road, bearing people’s burdens 

Even if you are not praised by others,  

the way you are will become Light in this world 

And a signpost for those who follow behind 

People on Earth are happily climbing up a path  

No one knows who opened it 

The rotting donkey just sees the way things are with a smile 

  Translated by Yoshi