Hardship Humans Face and Power of Love

 In the coming era, circumstances will be increasingly severe all over the world, as if we were rapidly rolling down a slope! 

I have already warned you of several crises, but very few of you listen to me. 

Most people are like the jolly grasshoppers without noticing the onset of winter. 

When winter does come, people get upset and into a panic and may do dangerous things. 

But then, you should not be vulnerable, just shivering in the cold. 

If you regard love as weakness that people cry on each other’s shoulders, each of you will freeze in the cold. 

So the power of true love is to support each other and tighten your guard. 

Among wild animals, when carnivores attack a herd of herbivores, some of them run away first, while others form a circle and surround the weaker ones to help them. 

In this way, love is the power to unite one another, and therefore you can overcome adversity. 

If it is only weak love, you will run off, as a result, plunge into a crisis. 

In the coming age of crisis, you can overcome difficulties only when you support and love each other. 

If you try to save only yourself, you will not get any help from others. 

Strong people, I mean people who can do everything by themselves, tend to lose sight of the concept of love. 

I hope that all of you will unite each other by the power of love and overcome hardships together. 

That is the power of true love. 

                                                                                        Translated by Yoshi