Spiritual Meaning of Maui Fire

The recent wildfires in Maui have caused significant loss of life, 

I pray that those who lost their lives will be able to return to the Light World. 

Regarding this fire, unexplained incidents have been pointed out on the internet. 

Some suspect that the cause of the fire may have been a directed-energy weapon or that it might have been deliberate arson because the rich people’s house remained unburned. 

First, some images circulating on the internet appear to show a ray of light coming down from the sky, which some have used as evidence of a satellite-directed energy weapon. 

However, there is a high probability that these are fake images and should not be taken as proof. 

Furthermore, it is suspicious that only one wealthy person's home remained intact while all the surrounding homes were destroyed.  

However, this could be due to the use of noncombustible materials, on the contrary, the surrounding houses were built with ordinary timber, which means it is easy to burn. 

It is too early to draw any definitive conclusions. 

Then, what is the cause of this fire? 

TV news explains that in the drought conditions, strong winds cut the power lines and the electric cable shorted out. 

However, a fire broke out in four different places on Maui at the same time, so I doubt if that is the only reason for it. 

I would like to avoid the conclusion now. 

Regardless of the cause, this tragedy certainly has significant spiritual meaning. 

Events in this world do not happen by chance, they have some kind of meaning. 

For example, there has been a conflict between the original inhabitants of Hawaii and those from the U.S. mainland who are seeking to conquer the island. 

The government's plans for redevelopment of the island have faced opposition from local people who have lived there for generations. 

The people who have lived on the island for years refused to sell their land, so development had not progressed, but the local people may relinquish their ancestral land because of the fire. 

While it is too early to say for certain, it is possible that the fire has helped to further the interests of those seeking to redevelop the land. 

I feel there was a deep spiritual conflict as well. 

Since the fire occurred as if they had arranged, some could speculate that the Maui fires were deliberately caused. 

It seems to me that this disaster is not arson by the government or the wealthy people. 

It is the spiritual conflict that was embodied. 

Translated by Yoshi