Cleanup of Earth


On the global level, we are now in the middle of great purification!  

The Earth is full of a lot of uncleanness and corruption. 

It is accumulation of mistakes, wrong behavior and thoughts humans made. 

If we have evil ideas and actions, karma will come back to us, and the same thing will happen to the Earth. 

Earth is also a conscious being, and it is called Gaia. 

It means Gaia’s consciousness is bringing about the purification of human beings. 

For example, when bad bacteria grow on the surface of human skin, people scratch and dip their skin into seawater because of skin inflammation. 

In the same way, when the number of people with immoral thoughts and behavior increases, the surface of the skin (Earth’s surface) is no longer normal, so Gaia scratches it or puts it in seawater, just like humans do. 

That appears as the phenomena like natural disasters. 

Earth is currently undergoing such a purification process due to the accumulation of impurities. 

People assert that extreme weather is caused by global warming. 

However global warming has been happening for a long time. 


It is not occurring just now. 

Atheism and materialism have spread on this globe, besides, we have forgotten the TRUTH of souls. 

Purification is taking place in order to awaken people to the TRUTH and realize the TRUTH of souls. 

Translated by Yoshi