Spiritual Message: Don’t Worry About Small Things.


In our daily lives, we are all gripped by trivial matters. 

We compare ourselves among small groups around us and feel happy or sad. 

If you are an office worker, you may be up and down about your salary or promotion. 

If you a housewife, you can compete on whether you are richer than others, whether your children are more excellent than other children, whether you own better clothes or possessions and you will be wavering. 

The truth about the human souls is that you have been reincarnated in various regions and times, you repeat meetings and partings with soul mates, and are weaving the threads of complex stories. 

Given the grand story of the hidden souls, you will notice that people obsess with too ridiculous things. 

Moreover, among us, there are many souls that had left planets far from Earth and come to this globe. 

When you saw the shining blue Earth in the jet black of space for the first time, you were definitely awed. 

Compared to the impression you had then, you will find the small incidents in your daily life seem to be so unimportant. 

Looking at the blue Earth, you swore you would be born to bring Light to this planet. 

Thinking about the zeal, you find you shouldn’t fret about little things. 

Please remember the truth of your soul. 

Remember what you were born to do. 

Remember, with great resolution, you dwelled in your bodies. 

No matter how trivial your life may seem, please realize magnificent stories of the souls behind the scenes. 

Translated by Yoshi