The past Life of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce is a well-known clairvoyant, who has been called America’s “Sleeping 


He usually worked as a photographer, however, he was able to see through others and tell 

them things from reincarnation to the remedy for their disease.

I’d like to write about Mr Casey’s previous life.

Probably, I feel that Casey was Asklepios, the god of medicine in Greek mythology, in his 

previous life.

It seemed that in ancient Greece, there were a number of healing centers named after 


Interestingly, it was believed that, in these facilities, patients were cured by seeing Asklepios 

or his messenger, the serpent, while they were sleeping.

That is to say, Patients recovered after they saw Asklepios in their dreams.

And then he was born as Cayce, he was in a hypnotic state and told the patients how to 


In addition to that, he was also reincarnated in mainland China, and there he saved people 

with medical treatment.

It is probable that Caysey’s soul is in charge of medicine and is called “Yakushi Nyorai” –

Buddha of Medicine and Healing – in the east.


Translated by Yoshi