What Determines Whether We Go to the World of Light or the World of Darkness After Death?


We all live on this earth, but when our bodies eventually perish and we become souls, our souls will return to the spirit world, which is divided into various places. 

If you fill a glass with muddy water and stir and leave it for a while, the top of the glass will become clear and the mud will settle at the bottom. 

Looking at the glass from the side, you can see a gradation of colors, with the top part being transparent and the bottom part gradually becoming cloudy. 

Similarly, in the afterlife, those whose souls are light go to a higher, brighter, and clearer world, while those whose souls are heavy descend to a darker and more stagnant world. 

The bright and clear world is what we call heaven, the world of light. 

The dark and stagnant world is the world of disharmony, the so-called hell. 

The spiritual world is actually divided into several levels, as if it were a gradation, and which level one goes to depends on one’s state of mind. 

There are two main levels: the bright world of light (heaven) and the dark world of darkness (hell). 

So, how are deceased people divided into those who go to heaven and those who go to hell? 

People who think only about what society and other people can do for them will go to the world of darkness. Those who think about what they can do for society and other people will return to the world of bright light. 

Simply put, they are divided by such differences in the way of thinking. 

If you only think about what your parents, siblings, wife, husband, children, relatives, schoolmates, or people at work would or would not do for you, thinking, “I wish they would do this more for me” or “I wish they wouldn’t do that,” negative points will be added. 

In addition, if you always think, “the government doesn't support me,” “I need more government assistance,” or “the world is wrong,” you will gain more negative points. 

If you think about what you can do for the people around you, offer a kind word or a helping hand, you will get positive points. 

Furthermore, if you think, “What can I do for society?” or “I want to volunteer or do something to help others,” and actually take action to help society, positive points will be added. 

After death, these negative and positive points will be added up. If there are more positive points, you will go to a brighter world, and if there are more negative points, you will go to a darker world. 

Depending on the degree of positive and negative points, souls’ destinations can be divided into many worlds, but roughly speaking, it is determined by which of the positive and negative points are greater. 

The afterlife is not some old tale, and the distinction between heaven and hell in the afterlife is real. 

Those who realize this before their death and change their way of life are fortunate. 

Translated by Kyoko.u