Spiritual Message: You Don’t Realize Most Important Thing

 I’d like to talk about a message I got by inspiration. 

The power that creates humans and all life is generated from the root of existence and keep us alive. 

This power, which is omnipresent, has sustained everything, but no one has seen it. 

Some call its power the love of God, others do it the light of Truth. 

The power no one has ever seen, no one has touched and no one can prove 

-God’s love- supports the world and nurtures us. 

Like the flow of a river, it comes from the highest peaks and flows down through the various lands, enriching them. 

Like water of clear rivers, it has no shape and it is limpid. 

A source is so crystal-clear and pure, but the stream becomes muddy and it smells bad as it flows downstream. 

River water, which is necessary to keep life alive, turns to be impure and harmful to people drinking it. 

What is the initial pure water, in other words, God’s love? 

It is pure love that is a feeling of selflessness, being expected nothing in return, in addition to that, it supplies love to all. 

We sometimes block the flow of God’s love by selfishness or boast about it as our own achievement. 

Originally, we are only beings given everything by God and we just play roles to flow the love, however we misunderstand the water through ourselves is our power or we demand something in return from other people. 

In this way, the clear water gradually becomes dirty and even poisonous by selfishness, 

Therefore, we should remember that we have been given everything, return the glory to God and try to supply clear and pure water to the world modestly. 

 Translated by Yoshi