The True Reason for Attracting Unhappiness

Despite the fact that people wish to avoid misfortune on the surface consciousness, they often attract it. 

I would like to discuss some of the reasons for this. 

Even seemingly unfortunate events such as illness, accidents, or business failures may be attracted by the person himself or herself. 

This is because they may subconsciously hope that they will attract the sympathy and affection of those around them by being unhappy. 

Children often develop fever or other symptoms of illness in order to get their parents’ attention and affection. 

This is because they are worried that their parents’ affection will leave them and they try to keep it. 

This is true even for adults. For example, a person who has committed some misconduct and is blamed for it by others may fall ill. 

This is because they wish to protect themselves from attacks from others and to be pitied by those around them, which may attract such illnesses. 

This can also happen in relationship between men and women. When things are not going well between partners, or when there seems to be an ongoing conflict, one of them may fall ill and wish to restore the relationship with the other. 

When a person is ill, people around them feel sorry for them and treat them kindly, so they may unintentionally attract illness to themselves. 

In the case of elderly people, the reason for their physical disability is, of course, often a physical problem. However, there are also cases in which they become ill because they want to be noticed or treated nicely by others. Because their children and others take care of them as they become physically disabled, they may subconsciously wish for that situation. 

This is also true for managers and other responsible people. 

When a business owner’s company is doing well and he is the sole winner, people around him may not like him and he may be subject to criticism. 

When things go bad, people become sympathetic and less aggressive, and the manager may end up stifling the growth of his business. 

People who show off their riches too much will also be envied and disliked by those around them. 

Then, in order to deflect such criticism, they may someday become poor. 

Even though their superficial mind may wish to be rich, their subconscious mind may wish to have no money and to receive love from those around them. 

Therefore, some of the events that appear to be unfortunate may be unconsciously attracted by ourselves. 

Of course, inevitable events in life will happen whether we want them to or not. 

But it is possible to avoid attracting unhappy events more than necessary. 

The root cause of attracting unhappiness is the desire to be pitied and to gather affection from others. 

This is a habit that remains in us from childhood, but it is better to be aware of and change it. 

Instead of trying to get love from others, think about how much love you can give to others. 

Let’s change our thoughts and think not about how much love we can earn, but how much we can do for others and how much love we can let flow through the world. 

Then what we give will eventually come back to us. 

By shifting the way we think, we will start to get out of the negative spiral. 

Translated by Kyoko.u