Awaken From Virtual Reality! Time Souls Leaped.

In the transition period, it is hard and cruel, but your soul can fly higher and it must be thrilling. 

Living in ordinary days, you have little experience your soul makes progress. 

When times change dramatically, souls are polished, trained more and gain power because souls need to bear heavy burdens. 

We are living in a turbulent era, many changes are coming, old things are dying out, and new ones are emerging. 

Many people have lost the light and are wandering, and therefore, it is rare experience to find the Light and live with the Light. 

If a lot of people believed in life after death, it would be easy to accept spiritual things. 

Yet science has developed and people have got infected with the idea of materialism, people affected by materialism have different values. 

It is tough to live with a spiritual view of life. 

You may be treated a freak by people around you. 

If you lived in a different time, you would not be considered a weirdo. 

In an era of adversity, you believe something spiritual and accept it, so your souls will be advanced. 

Nowadays, evil spirits give people illusion through the media and big IT companies. 

They show fake illusions to people as if they are the truth. 

People are put in a virtual reality world and they are led to believe that it is a true world. 

Right now, a virtual reality world called the metaverse have just been created and people are forced to get into it. 

But beyond this virtual reality, a vast true world exists. 

The material world that we experience through our bodies is itself virtual reality, that is to say, we have already experienced virtual reality. 

It is awakening to know that this world is virtual reality and to understand the true world. 

We believe that this world is real, however, this is the biggest deception and disinformation. 

The media, IT companies and so on have been brainwashing and tricking us by misleading information  

In other words, many people today are being brainwashed. 

When you awake from this virtual reality and realize the truth, your souls will make a great leap. 

While many people are deceived, by awakening to the truth, the souls can withstand burdens and progress. 

It is crucial to live in the true world, you should not be controlled by the media and brainwashed people. 

  Translated by Yoshi