Tom Cruise’s Past Life

I would like to bring up the question about Tom Cruise. 

Tom Cruise is an American movie actor who has appeared in “Top Gun”, “The Last Samurai”, “War of The Worlds” and “Mission: Impossible”. 

He is good-looking and has achieved significant popularity among Japanese people. 

I read his previous life, so he seems to be a minister, which is far off from his current career. 

I guess he is a Protestant, but I get the impression that he is not a mainline Protestant. 

Apparently, he heals an illness and gets his believers purified, putting the Bible on the backs or heads of his followers. 

He was a missionary who belonged to a new stream to cure diseases like this. 

Then People became enthusiastic about him. 

His religious charisma may contribute to his popularity as an actor. 

Translated by Yoshi