Spiritual Message: To Gathering Lightworkers

Lightworkers stand on the earth 

with treasures given by Heaven. 

The treasures illuminate the earth 

by sparkling character. 

Like a lighthouse, 

which guides sailors frightened by the darkness. 

Like a bonfire, 

which warms up soaked travelers. 

You dispel the darkness 

and bring Light and warmth to people. 

On this planet, 

Light comrades falling down separately 

meet again as promised. 

It is not a coincidence, 

it is destined to happen. 

You experience the miracle of reunion. 

The purpose of your gathering here is 

to tell you that you are a lightworker, 

to remind you of your mission to illuminate the world, 

to awaken you to the promise made in the universe, 

to reacquire a key for the treasure box sealed in the universe. 

You can obtain the key when you are prepared. 

The promised link is connected. 

  Translated by Yoshi