The Truth about Earth, the Planet of Love: Spiritual Messages

 This planet, Earth, is rich with life. 

There are various stars in the universe where life exists, and the Earth is one of them. 


There are many civilizations in space that are far more advanced in science and technology than those on Earth. 


There are also many stars where the inhabitants live in harmony. 


Earth is still a planet filled with sorrow and suffering. 


It has a harsh and dark side, with violent crimes and wars. 


However, through experiencing sadness, people of the Earth empathize with others sadness and learn to share and love each other. 


Through experiencing grief and pain, we can know the grief and pain of others and be kind to them. 


Earth is a pathetic planet that is barbaric and still remains bestial. 


But Earth is also the planet of love, where we know how to care for and be kind to others. 


That is why our brothers and sisters in the universe are watching over and supporting Earth without being seen. 


They cherish and treasure Earth that glows faintly in the darkness, as if they are gently cradling a little bird in their hands. 


It is because the people of Earth know the pain of others, have kindness, and know love, even though Earth is a place of repeated tragedies and misfortunes. 


Earth, the planet of love, is lit quietly in the darkness of the vast universe. 


Lord, please guide this young planet. 


May Earth be filled with love and light in time. 


Lord, please protect Earth, the planet of love. 


[Supplemental Information] 


The above message was written under inspiration. 


Earths civilization has only just taken its first steps into space 


The universe is full of life, and some of them are highly advanced in science and technology. 


There was a time when they used to visit the earth. 


Using science and technology, they once descended to Earth in a vehicle that surpassed the speed of light. 


Earth was settled by highly civilized people, but the technology they brought with them was lost. 


Advanced life forms have landed on Earth many times in the past, but their cultures declined. 


One reason for this is that Earth has an environment conducive to life, and because of the abundance of nature, people have become less inclined to develop technology, and it has declined. 


If Earths environment had been harsher, the civilizations would not have declined, as it is impossible to maintain a viable environment without sustaining an advanced scientific civilization. 


There are many non-Earth planets where intelligent life forms live that have even harsher environments than Earth. 


For example, in Sumerian mythology, the Anunnaki gods are extraterrestrial and it is said that their home planet is a place where the atmosphere is so thin that they cannot survive without scientific measures. 


The planet is called Nibiru, and it is said that gold is needed to maintain the atmosphere on that planet, and they came down to Earth to mine for gold. 


Some planets have such thin atmospheres that they cannot survive. 


Besides, there are planets that are running out of water and cannot sustain their populations without going to other planets to get water.  


There are also planets where the temperature is so low that the water freezes and must be melted before liquid water can be obtained. 


On a planet with such a harsh environment, it is necessary to maintain science and technology in order to survive. 


Because Earth was so well suited for life to flourish, it looked like a paradise to the aliens living on such harsh planets, and there have been many migrations in the past. However, their civilizations degenerated and declined. 


The same is true of existing civilizations. Ancient Egypt, for example, was so advanced and had such an outstanding civilization that we still dont know the details of how the pyramids were built. 


However, Egypt today is not developed by global standards, but rather has declined from the past. 


Also in Latin America, despite the existence of a civilization with advanced astronomical technology, it declined as time went on, due in part to invasions by Spain and other countries. 


Thus, history shows that civilizations did not always develop, and even when advanced civilizations emerged, they declined as time went on. 


As I have mentioned, there is a history of aliens migrating to Earth who had knowledge about the science and technology that was superior to those on Earth today. 


However, their superior science and technology did not mean that their souls were evolved. Some of them were ferocious, and some of their souls degenerated after they migrated to Earth. 


Some of those aliens are reborn as humans on Earth, and they are learning love and compassion. 


Earth is an inferior civilization scientifically, but culturally superior. 


Some of those on other planets do not fully possess or understand advanced human qualities such as love and compassion, and some of them have been reborn in human bodies to learn them. 


As such, some alien souls have come in the past and assimilated with earthlings, while others do not yet understand advanced cultures. 


On the other hand, there are the people of the planets where are more culturally and scientifically advanced than those on Earth. 


Some of them have also flown to Earth and are watching over Earth without being seen, while others have been reborn as human beings and are active in contributing to the betterment of Earth. 


These brothers and sisters of the universe are watching over us in all ways. 


And there is the Great Being we call the Lord, who has nurtured the Earth into a planet of love overflowing with life. 


Earth is full of life and suitable for survival because of the Great Being who desired it to be so. 


Under this wish, we are able to live and have an environment of learning for the growth of our souls. 





Translated by Kyoko.u