Humanity Trapped in Bestiality by Negative Aliens

 Throughout the long human history, humans have lived blindfolded in a dark material world. 

Behind human history, there are two groups: one is the negative aliens while another is the light side ones. 

The former group want to keep people trapped in the shady physical world and remain in their bestiality. 

The latter group would like people to be spiritually awakened, raise their spiritual level and join the members of space brothers. 

The Old Testament describes a god turned mankind out of Paradise-Eden, 

because the human race ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.  

Actually, this is a god called Enlil, who is a negative alien of the Sumerian Mythology. 

For negative aliens, it would be inconvenient to keep humans as slaves if they knew the spiritual truth, for that reason, negative aliens keep the truth hidden. 

However, at times our brothers in the light side from the universe convey the truth to people through channeling, and have been reincarnated as human beings, once in a while. 

The being called Jesus is also a soul that flew from the universe in ancient times to improve the spirituality and descended to that barbaric age with the spirit of self-sacrifice in order to guide us. 

That is the reason why people were able to find LIGHT in the midst of thick darkness. 

Yet, in history, the light that Jesus shone has been blocked by negative forces. 

The dark side found it impossible to stop the flow of the light of Jesus itself, therefore they took over it. 

Some parts of the teachings of Christ were falsified and hidden because they did not want to let people know the truth. 

They made people blind spiritually so that humans didn’t recognize the TRUTH. 

In this way, many times in human history, you can see constant battles between those who guide people to spiritual truth and those who prevent it.  

The conflict continues even today, and the negative forces are brainwashing people with strong power. 

They make maximum use of the media. 

Today, negative aliens utilize the media to keep something true from people and not to reach it. 

Like this, the media cover information that incites desire. 

They have trapped people in the bestiality of the body and separate them from spiritual truth. 

Something is at the back of the media and IT giants, which has operated behind the scenes. 

In fact, it is none other than negative aliens. 

Various types of truth are concealed from people. 

I would like as many people as possible to escape the cage of bestiality and stand at a point of spiritual freedom. 

  Translated by Yoshi