Those Possessed and Guided by Evil Spirit


One of the questions I received was, "Even people who do evil seem to be successful in this world. Even in such cases, do their guardian spirits or other spirits guide such bad people? 

You have probably heard that everyone living in this world is accompanied by a being called a guardian spirit. 

The beings that watch over you are your guardian spirits, or soul brothers and sisters. 

There are times when such beings are unable to instruct people on earth or deliver a message. 

If a person’s thoughts on earth are going in a negative direction and are surrounded by negative thoughts, as if covered by a black gas, it may be impossible to communicate with the guardian spirit. 

When we don’t communicate with our guardian spirits, usually bad things happen and we have an unfortunate time. 

Then, when we change our thoughts and get rid of the cloudiness, things usually improve again. 

However, as the question says, some people who are doing evil seem to be successful in this world. 

For example, a person who is doing evil by leading a fraudulent group may temporarily increase the number of subordinates and grow the organization. 

People do evil deeds should not receive the blessing of guardian spirits. So why do they become successful? It is because they become guided by negative entities.  

There are spirit beings who seek to make the world worse, as opposed to guardian spirits and other light beings, and they are sometimes called demons or evil spirits. 

The other day, there was a person who fired a gun and committed indiscriminate murder. A person who does such inhumanly evil deeds is possessed by such negative entities. 

In Japan too, there have been cases of parents abusing and killing their children, and negative entities are sometimes involved in such incidents. 

Of course, this does not mean that the possessing entity is bad and the possessed person is not bad. The reason they are possessed by such negative entities is that they have thoughts that are sympathetic to such entities. 

Thus, even if the demon-possessed person appears to be successful for a time, he or she will be doomed and ruined eventually. 

They will receive retribution in the afterlife, but even while they are alive, those led by evil spirits are often doomed. 

As I mentioned, there are not only beings of light on earth, but also beings of darkness that work against them, and this is why various evil things are happening. 

It means that there are still places on earth where light does not reach and suffice. 

If more and more people start to bring light to the world, the darkness will gradually decrease. 

Translated by Kyoko.u