People Accept Life’s Major Tasks Before Birth

Before being born, you are prepared, to some extent, for events that will occur in your lives. 

You were born after knowing well the possibility that your parents would get divorced in the future. 

You can find various family backgrounds, for example, rich, poor, small and big families. 

Each person is born under a family environment they can learn and improve their souls the most. 

Of course, not everything is predetermined, but your soul knows when you will face challenges and you come into the world. 

And then you overcome them in order to put your souls in higher places. 

You are scheduled to meet a life partner beforehand, but you decide whether you meet him or her and tie the knot. 

Through experiences and emotions, you study life lessons and take them back to the afterlife as treasures. 

You cannot go back to the other world with the money and titles you obtained in this world, however, you can bring back the treasures you have achieved. 

 Translated by Yoshi