Reasons We Can’t Stop Starting Wars : The Source of Hatred


There are many conflicts in the world and hatred seems to be spreading. 

What is at the root of the hatred? 

Among the things that cause hatred and conflict is the thought that we are simply judging whether we are friend or foe, like or dislike each other. 

When people see others, they are quick to judge whether they are on their side or not, whether they are useful to them or not.  

If they see someone as an ally, they treat them well; if they see someone as an enemy, they become aggressive toward that person. 

They immediately try to categorize and label people.  

This is partly because the ego has the function to classify.  

The ego is necessary for us to have a body and to live on earth, but at the same time, we label and categorize everything in front of us because of the ego. 

Through the workings of the ego, we try to determine whether the person in front of us is a friend or foe.  

This divides the world into friend and foe, creating divisions and increasing conflict and hatred. 

However, the actions taken by others also have a background. 

If we do not know how they came to their current actions, we may judge them as enemies or dislike them. 

Thus, where there is a lack of understanding and thoughtfulness of others, division and hatred will increase. 

Translated by Kyoko.u