Don’t Give in to the Dark Side


Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the media have fueled hated for Russia. 

When you are exposed to all sorts of tragic footage, hate and anger are building against Russia. 

In this blog, I have told you about Russia’s claims and Ukraine’s viewpoints, however, it doesn’t mean that Russia is right and Ukraine is wrong! 

If you are only watching one-side media coverage, you  only recognize Russia as evil and an object of rage and rancor. 

Such negative collective ideas are spreading worldwide. 

This notion will eventually come back to us and bring suffering. 

I hope that you can judge press reports from different perspectives so that people can see things as calmly as possible and get rid of the one-sided negative impressions on Russia. 

If this situation continues, a grim future would await humans. 

The Japanese government is also imposing sanctions to punish Russia, but there will be serious repercussions. 

From now on, human beings will face severe backlash. 

The negative undulation will move around the globe and return to us some day. 

You must also take an unbiased look at media cover that incites enmity and fury. 

Otherwise, we would be swallowed by the negative energy. 

We must accept the facts composedly, not emotionally. 

In order to remove the brainwashing, we must remain calm and see things from different angles, rather than just trust in the information we receive without doubt. 

If you are misled by disturbing information, you will be manipulated. 

In the case that the media control people, they make viewers have hostile feelings toward someone or incite unrest. 

The media know how to control the ordinary people in such a way. 

This time, the Western media have portrayed Russia as evil and concealed the facts. 

You can’t find the truth without noticing the problems in America and Ukraine.  

 Translated by Yoshi